Coin Trading Tool – Profit / Cost

This has now been updated to version 1.02, while that doesn’t mean a whole lot for right now there have been a lot of small fixes in there that will make it work better.

To get the best results using the macros in the Script editor are required. Use the following order of macros after pasting your ledger.

  • addSubtotalFormulaSheet
  • conversionClearCopyPaste
  • pasteValuesConversion
  • pasteToDash
  • fullCopyPaste

There are other macros like updatePrices that work and clearReport but aren’t really necessary.

Please submit any a suggestions to the Discord chat. Suggested coins can be added on a need to add basis. If you want to take this file with you, work on it, add to it etc. Download a copy and feel free to contribute.