This page will serve as a page that will highlight tips and tricks for navigating the space since we all know that it’s definitely not the easiest to get through without paying a ton of fees. Overtime this page will be updated with new tidbits and some things will be taken down if they are no longer relevant.


  1. Watch for the control questions, there are tons of them. Throughout the survey process they will insert questions that see if you are paying attention like “choose x” – 1/28/21


  1. Look for places that have good support. It should be a rule of thumb to send in emails to the support team when first signing up to see if the place is worth doing business. Places like Coinbase don’t reply or when they do it’s blanket responses that don’t do anything. Cashapp is something rather close. Meanwhile other places like Kraken have live chat in which can be used 24/7 to talk to someone about your account. There may be a wait but you can talk to a real person that understands what is going on. -1/28/21
  2. Minimums are something that should always be checked within each of the places that you want to place your coins. In one specific instance, that catches a lot of people off guard, is the minimums to open an account in the likes of Kraken. When originally sending over some ETH the original amount, if it doesn’t meet the min will be held at the address and more will have to be sent before the account “activates” and show the funds. -1/28/21
  3. Rewards payouts are something that make places very lucrative in which to do business but make sure you investigate which are really worth going into. In one case such that has been experienced, the rewards take quite a few days to get the first amount, then happen every so many days thereafter. In the same case all of my coins were removed from the institution and after wards there was still half a coin worth of rewards that had not been distributed and is still a third of a coin behind 20 days later. -1/28


  1. When working with the offerwalls that offer apps it’s wise to scope out which apps you are going to try and complete the offere for before signing up and putting in the work. The best thing to do is to google the offer before taking it. In most cases the most reliable ones will pop up in places like reddit or just in the search. Others may not. If they seem to easy, full of apps, or buggy, abandon them right away. -1/28/21

Featured Photo by Dan Smedley on Unsplash