Maximize Earnings

As someone that has been doing this for quite a while I would say that the earnings that I have most recently come across have been substantially better than some that I have a long time ago. Mostly this is my fault as I didn’t make much of a connection of how all of this was working and that I was just a lucky guy that got randomly picked to work in market studies for various products.

For someone that is just getting into the game they would say that the earnings associated with the work that is done might be a bit paltry. What a lot of the newer people don’t know is this is a bit of a long game if you want to gather as much as you can in the most efficient manner. The best way to maximize your earnings is by making sure you know your site, and what’s going on in the market as there are a lot of moving factors that can help or hurt your greatly. Which path would you pefer?

Always Check the Dash

The dashboard is always the main part of your account, where you will most likely go after login. In the case of most good sites you will find that there are bonuses that are right in the dashboard that are daily and and sometimes accumulate better bonusesif they aren’t missed each day. Along with the daily bonuses, the level that you are as a user within the site will most likely dictate how much of a bonus that you can earn as well. The higher the level the better the bonuses for earning. One thing to keep in mind with the level-based rewards is to always make sure that you gather them. Free bonus and money isn’t going to just fall into your lap, you’ll have to click for it.

Bucksify Dashboard
Fire Faucet Dashboard
Level Upgrade Splash Bucksify

The above image is what would happen at the better sites after leveling up. Some sites will give you better bonuses as shown here, others will amplify your payout rate if they use a faucet, others will grant other priveleges such as greater withdrawal amount each day.

To the Victor Go The Spoils

Some sites will actually have some sort of leaderboard to entice people to work a little harder and earn the site more money, and thus themselves too. In the two main examples shown below, one site will reward the top earners Dogecoins, and the other will give more tokens for the site that will eventually payout normally. These rewards can be a little harder to get access to if a few hours a day isn’t spent working at it. Very rarely will there be enough luck to hit all of the good earning opportunities to make enough in a very short period of time. In most cases on these sites that pay leaderboard rankings there are a few people that are active enough that there could be daily showdowns for 1st.

Leaderboard FireFaucet
Leaderboard Bucksify

The Writing is on the Wall

When heading off to the crypto saltmines always keep in mind who is paying bonuses or what bonuses are available for the day if any. On some sites there are rotating bonuses for different offerwalls that go on for the day and in some cases as in bucksify currently there is a launch bonus that is running. Each bonus will clearly show the expiration so make sure you submit your claims before the time runs out. Most bonuses are pretty good and worth going after however as shown below there can be a lot of offerwalls that are available, and some even with a bonus, isn’t woth working on.

Offerwall FireFaucet
OfferwallBonus Bucksify

Tasks du Jour

Daily Tasks at FireFaucet

Each day after the server resets to the accumulate points for the next day so does the task walls like the above. In a lot of sites this task wall is a great way to get started leveling up your user account in order to get better bonuses. In most cases you can only earn each of these once a day. As you progress through earning online always make sure to pop in here and claim your task rewards. There have been a lot of points left on the table in terms of forgetfulness. This is great for the health of the site however not the best for your wallet.

Bring a Friend

This is not a pyramid scheme, it’s an upside-down business opportunity funnel. However you want to refer to it referrals are pretty important for a lot of reasons other than just adding to your daily earnings. In most cases your account will get 10 to 20% of each of your referrals earnings, which is great, it’s passive income, however make sure you don’t try and get too wise on getting more than you deserve. Some sites will detect your IP and log it so it can watch for anyone trying to exploit this system. In some rare occurences they will allow more than one account per household but under stipulations. Make sure that you know the policy before you get yourself banned from easy money.

If you’re looking to get referrals make sure to give your link out for new signups.

Referrals at Fire Faucet
Referrals at Bucksify

Checkout Lane Bonus

Lastly on your way out the door there is the final way to make sure that you are getting the best bang for your buck. In the case of faucets they pay out so much in timed intervals. Fire Faucet for example pays every 60 seconds at whatever rate your bonus as well as market pricing dictates. This way ensures you the perfect average of investing over time while getting your payout. The downside, is that if you want your full pay you have to wait for the faucet to drip it all out.

In the case of places that aren’t using a faucet whenever you were to initate the withdrawal you would lock in your investment price possibly with a bonus. In most cases the longer you were to hold your site based tokens the better the withdrawal you should expect as it’s helping the owners of the site keep a better balance and use their resources a little more wisely. Being able to decide when you want to cash out could be good for the fact of holding tokens until a dip if that were to be your particular strategy.

Withdrawals at Bucksify
AutoFaucet Rates at FireFaucet

Withdaw Early and Often

Let’s everyone remember what we’re dealing with here. It’s cryptocurrency. There’s no backing and is somewhat fake until proven real. While it does hold great value make sure that you always have your coins and tokens in a safe place. Leaving your tokens on a site isn’t a bad idea if you’re waiting for the right buy-in but make sure that you understand that the most insecure place for any of your earnings is not on a faucet or a site but rather on your personal wallet or one that is going to guarantee it’s security (and even that isn’t completely safe from hackers).

Featured Photo by Felix Koutchinski on Unsplash

Please Keep in Mind

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