Earning Cryptocurrency

My least favorite question about anything in this scene is: “Is this site legit?”
All too often the crypto realm is plagued with skepticism and rightly so, however that doesn’t take away from the fact that the question is super annoying. My advice on this front is to simply not be lazy. Try out the sites, experiment with offers, see what works and what doesn’t work if you put in a little bit of time you can learn the best and worst places for earning crytpocurrency.

With the above being said let’s all make sure that we understand that earning free “magic internet money” is a lot of work. It’s not free by any means and you can EARN it in a variety of different ways.

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Most common ways to earn are as follows

  • Faucets – they “drip” out currency on a timed interval and you can continually gather coins by clicking the links and solving captchas to verify your humanity.
  • Shortlinks – Usually ad-based web pages that post a lot of crap that means absolutely nothing, however it’s going to be bright and it’s most likely going to flash a lot at you. In most cases I tend to leave these alone, they are great for leveling up site loyalties but other than that they are frustrating. Best completed on a mobile device.
  • Surveys – Mostly likely the best way to earn money. This however will require a good amount of diligence and pattern analysis to be efficient. These tasks will be semi short lived and pay a reasonable amount for your time as well as possibly a rate for simply attempting a survey.
  • Offerwalls – Exactly as it sounds. Large walls of plenty of offers. Let’s be honest, most are scams. There are a few instances in which they do have good offers and mobile apps in which you can complete a task and get paid very well.
  • Paid to Click – These types of offers are the easiest to get through and pay on a moderate level for the time invested. Simply click the link, watch the timer. Push next.
  • Other tasks – There are sometimes other tasks that sites will incorporate, such as daily bonuses, daily tasks (list of things to do daily). These are usually of the smaller values but if you pay close enough attention they can amplify earnings.

Understand your conversions. A big thing in the crypto-earning world is the conversions and fees. Everyone has them, how much do you want to pay? Honestly this is an article in itself and will be at some point. When trying to find a great place to earn make sure to find how well your wallet is going to do before you sign on, some places make it not even worth earning and each use situation is different.

All of the tasks that are briefly explained above can be found all over the internet however not all sites are created equal. This is cryptocurrency. Crypto and business, I think you understand what I’m saying.

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Test out all of your sites before you make any real commitments. On this site we offer plenty of places that have been tested and are working well. Withdrawals have worked, and the money is real. Make sure to do that with everything on your own individual basis to make sure that all is on the up and up. It’s completely reasonable to be skeptical, I was, a really long time ago. For years I personally have done surveys or other sorts of things to earn money on the internet, however I was never doing it in the right place for the right money. I now know cryptocurrency is the best place to put your internet earnings and have a few great sites to focus on and earn at.

If anyone knows of any better sites please feel free to let us know and we will feature the link here on the site.

For a complete list of reputable and awesome faucets check the featured faucets on the homepage, or get started at Fire Faucet with the link above.

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Please Keep in Mind

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