Cookies & How They May Affect Your Earning

When going through the different websites claiming your coins one issue that may pop up is having too many cookies on your computer. Too many to the point that surveys aren’t becoming available to you because the routers think that you have done certain studies that you may have not actually done.

Below are a couple of different programs that can aid in quickly removing cookies from your machine so you can run through the routers clean again. SlimCleaner is the option that I use most frequently although I have used cCleaner in the past as well, both very effective and do nearly the same thing. SlimCleaner might have a couple more bells and whistles and should be a part of everyone’s maintenance kit for a pc in any situation.

Slim Cleaner Screenshot
ccleaner screenshot

Clearing the cache and cookies isn’t completely necessary but it helps if taken care of once in a while just for good measure. Some do it daily, I do it weekly, probably could wait even longer. See the links below to find which tool works for you.

Download Links

Slim Cleaner Download

cCLeaner Download

Featured Photo by SJ Baren on Unsplash