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Trade Calculation Tool Added

Before this posting, about a week ago I have published a trade calculation tool to this site in the Knowledge section.

As it sits it’s a tool that allows you to paste your CoinBase account report into the sheet and it will generate your average costs as well as the value of what you invested against current market values. One thing that it does not do is factor in any sort of conversion of coins. Fret not version 1.01 is in the works and everything is working save a few things that need to be tied up.

Another thing that may be immediately noticed is the small amount of coins. I only have on there most of the coins that I use now, however not all of them. If there are more coins that you’d request I can certainly look into adding them as it shouldn’t be too hard.

As mentioned also the tool is only made for Coinbase however I’d be more than happy to help convert other reports into a read out for a donation. The file is also available for download from gSheets if anyone wants to use it and improve it.

Featured Photo by Joost Crop on Unsplash