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Market Pricing Update & Support

Since the last update there have been a few changes. I would have liked there to been a lot more but there have been a lot of things that have been popping up that have been keeping a lot of larger updates from happening.

New Changes –

Market Prices page has been updated to not only have a nice little dashboard of coins that displays their changes instantaneously but also shows the 24-hour overall. Currently this page has my favorite coins for monitoring but there is always room for more. Below the dashboard of coin buttons are the charts that work with the corresponding coins in case you wanted to look a little further into the past performances for the coins.

Donate Button- Do you want to support the site or have some sort of changes heavily considered? If so please scroll to the bottom of the page and send your favorite coins our way. First and foremost we appreciate the support and the opportunity to make the site better and will make sure that your donation gets added to the structure of the site.

News feeds have been added as well as news ticker and pricing ticker. These are not finished as I need to find better ways to display them to be more efficient. This may be the next thing to be worked on.

There are more things that are on the horizon but still a ways out. Since this is a side side project, it doesn’t get all the attention it deserves. Feel free to donate and help make it less of a side project as this is quite the awesome platform. Thank you for your support and stopping by, it’s appreciated.